Romania – Snowstorm

26 März, 2018

Posta Romana wishes to inform the designated operators of other Union member countries that, owing to a severe snowstorm, which affected the south and south-east of Romania causing major disruptions to transport services and forcing the Government of Romania to declare an orange snowfall/wind alert and to close schools and universities, collection and delivery of all mail products will be suspended as of Friday, 23 March 2018, in certain areas.

The following postcode areas are affected: ROGL65944 to ROGL71982, ROTL67314 to ROTL73063, ROBZ06674 to ROBZ73824, ROBR64834 to ROBR65933, ROIL71034 to ROIL74734, ROIF01994 to ROIF74834, ROPH02554 to ROPH74984, RODB08234 to RODB71934, ROB*00031 to ROB*74891, ROCL68464 to ROCL72584, ROGR00914 to ROGR74844, ROTR09624 to ROTR73814, and ROBUHA.

Posta Romana thanks all designated operators for their understanding and cooperation, and will update them once the situation returns to normal.