Portugal – Extension of measures to minimize the spread of coronavirus

07 April, 2020

The designated operator of Portugal, CTT Correios de Portugal, asks us to inform other Union member countries and their designated operators that the Portuguese Government has decided to extend the state of emergency until at least 17 April 2020 and to implement additional reinforcement measures.

This state of emergency, which applies to the whole country, entails a number of extraordinary measures, such as self-isolation, social distancing and advising people to work from home, intended to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). These measures are having a severe impact on service quality for international inbound and outbound mail services.

To eliminate customer interaction at the door and in accordance with physical distancing requirements, registered mail is now deposited in mailboxes, with the exception of registered mail with associated special services. In such cases, instead of collecting the recipient’s signature, the postman/postwoman will ask for the recipient’s given name and family name, and will enter this information, followed by “CV19” or “Contingência”, in the signature field on the handheld device.

Additional measures have been implemented whereby items subject to a delivery notice are now available for collection at CTT Correios de Portugal outlets and post offices for a longer period of time, namely 15 working days.

As stated in EmIS 171, CTT Correios de Portugal is unable to dispatch postal items to many destinations, owing to the extremely difficult air transport situation. Please visit www.ctt.pt/transversais/alertas-envios-internacionais#fndtn-tab1 for up-to-date information on the countries concerned.

CTT Correios de Portugal  is currently unable to meet its contractual obligations, particularly with regard to delivery times, standard rules for signature on delivery, hand delivery, tracking of shipments (capture and transmission times), processing of cash on delivery, and insured value. Therefore, the situation of force majeure declared previously is to be extended until further notice. 

CTT Correios de Portugal wishes to thank all Union member countries and their designated operators for their understanding