New Zealand – Update on the situation at Auckland Airport

04 Oktober, 2017

New Zealand Post wishes to further advise the designated operators of UPU member countries that Auckland Airport's aviation fuel rationing continues; however, the work to fix the pipeline has been completed.

Fuel is now being pumped to the airport, but at a reduced rate. The pipeline should return to 100% flow rates early in 2018. Road transportation of additional fuel to the airport continues to supplement the reduced flows through the pipeline. Airlines are now able to access 80% of their normal fuel allocations, and flight cancellations have been greatly reduced.

New Zealand outbound mail is still transiting within normal service delivery expectations. Inbound volumes remain lower than expected, with embargoes on inbound mail transportation expected to ease in the coming weeks while airlines work to reduce any mail that has backlogged en route to New Zealand.

If designated operators are aware of ongoing backlogs of mail destined for New Zealand Post in their networks, New Zealand Post would welcome advice of this. The advice should be sent to and, indicating the location of the backlog, the volumes and the anticipated arrival schedules into Auckland (final leg flight details). This information will greatly assist New Zealand Post in capacity, resource and contingency planning to ensure inbound mail items are processed and delivered in as timely and efficient a manner as possible, minimizing potential delays.

New Zealand Post wishes to thank all designated operators for their understanding and appreciates any updated leg 2 information that can be shared in advance.