Belarus – Suspension of acceptance of mails

24 März, 2020

The designated operator of Belarus, the Republican Unitary Enterprise of Posts “Belpochta” (RUE “Belpochta”), asks us to inform other Union member countries and their designated operators that, owing the suspension of flights and various measures taken by countries (such as self-isolation, social distancing, advising people to work from home), it is currently unable to send mail (letter-post, parcel-post and EMS items) to a number of countries.

Mails exchanges with other designated operators are, however, being carried out as far as possible.

The current situation will have a major impact on quality of service for all types of inbound and outbound mail. Under these circumstances, RUE “Belpochta” can no longer guarantee service delivery standards (including delivery times and other quality parameters) applicable under UPU regulations and other bilateral and multilateral agreements (such as EPG, PRIME and EMS) with designated operators and any interested parties.

As far as possible, international and domestic operations will be continued on a regular basis.

RUE “Belpochta” thanks all Union member countries and their designated operators for their understanding. It will update them via EmIS once the situation has returned to normal.