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E-Commerce » Trends, Country Focus | 24.01.2014

Will Spain become the new E-commerce paradise?


According to the last “Spain Digital Future in Focus” survey carried out by comScore, Spain is the European country with the highest Smartphone penetration in the EU. With a 66% of users, it overpasses other countries’s rates, like England, France, Italy or Germany, in 10%.

The latest purchasing trends within the Spanish society are turning more and more towards e-Commerce and m-Commerce. This is caused by the growing penetration of Internet and Smartphones among the Spanish population, with a 49% and 66% rate each. This new trend is already reflecting itself in the market since, according to the eMarket Services “Electronic Ser-vices in Spain” study, 14% of Spanish companies made e-Commerce sales during 2012, which shows an increase of 2% compared to the same period in 2011.

Eventhough Norwegians and Swedes are still the European countries with the highest e-Commerce rate (76% and 74% each), experts foresee that this trend will also keep on evolving and growing in Spain. According to the Online Business School “Electronic Commerce 2013” survey, 31% of the Spanish population did purchase some good over the internet during 2012. Although it is a 40% less than the statistics for the Nordic countries, it still shows an increase of 72% from 2007 to 2012 data.

Companies and brands looking forward to sell their products to the end user, will have to rein-force their presence in different online channels and create a logistics structure that ensures the quality of its shipments.



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