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Direct Marketing » Trends, Tips & Facts, Country Focus | 02.03.2013

Better international response in direct mailings thanks to the right timing


What do you think: are mailings given enough attention during summer holidays and at Christmas? At first one might think they would be given more attention. After all, the recipients are taking time off from their everyday work and thus have more time to devote to other things. And indeed they do! It's just that this doesn't involve rummaging through advertising and mailings.

Many mailing campaigns in a number of different countries have repeatedly shown that responses are much lower during school holidays – as well as on national and state holidays in general. It doesn't matter whether the mailing is addressed to a B2B or B2C target group. In addition to the fact that the target groups have little interest in dealing with advertising, there is another simple reason why there are so few responses: the majority of recipients aren't even at home. Plus, when they finally return home from holiday, they sort through the post for the most important items and throw away everything else.

Exceptions to the rule
Of course there are always exceptions! Campaigns, products and services directly related to holiday or leisure time enjoy greater feedback specifically during this time. It also makes sense to add supporting measures that reach the target group outside their homes. This could include, for example, ads, posters or mobile banners for mobile phones or tablets that introduce products or services that could be useful on holiday.

If you decide to send a mailing, the timing has to be exactly right. For the travel industry it thus makes sense to send the mailing well in advance of the holiday season. For mailings about photo and video cameras, for example, there are two ideal times: just before the holiday season for the latest hardware and software as well as just after the holidays for developing photos and for offers involving photo albums.

“Mailings that reach the desks of the B2B target group at the beginning or middle of the week are more likely to be noticed than those that arrive at the end of the week.”

Even outside of holiday periods, sending your mailing at the right time can decisively influence its success. Unlike in the holiday season, here it is important to make a clear distinction between the B2B and B2C target groups. Numerous unsupported surveys in various countries revealed, for example, that mailings that reach the desks of the B2B target group at the beginning or middle of the week are more likely to be noticed than those that arrive at the end of the week. In the consumer segment this is quite different. Individual studies involving purchasing behaviour have shown that mailings that arrive in letterboxes at the end of the week or at the weekend are given much more attention. In addition, good offers are often incorporated into weekend shopping. At the same time, no major differences could be observed between the individual countries. Furthermore, if mailings are better coordinated with the monthly pay check, the greater the likelihood the offer will actually be noticed.


Asendia’s international HolidayCalendar

At first glance it might seem that some industries have an easier time finding the right time to send a mailing. But that's misleading. After all, when exactly are the holiday periods in Germany, France or England?

The answer can be found in the International HolidayCalendar from Asendia. This practical online calendar not only includes all of the school holidays for 20 European countries, but also all national and state holidays.

The current edition is available online. If you would like to get a printed copy please contact us.