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Press&Publishing » Case Study | 03.05.2014

Dispatch of a sports magazine: Just-in-time press logistics


Every minute counts for sports magazines. The latest edition has to find its way to the reader as soon as a goal has been shot or the finishing line has been crossed. This is a real challenge for the press logistics, especially if the magazine is to reach subscribers in several countries at the same time.

For a well-known sports magazine that needs to be up to the minute, reliable distribution is the top priority.

“We are always in competition with online media and can't afford any delays with the printed edition.”

“These days, in-depth accounts and exciting reports are no longer a unique selling point per se,” says the publishing manager.


Distribution – a finely tuned procedure

The result: press logistics just in time. At 10 p.m. on the dot, a pickup van pulls up outside the gates of the printers and waits until the first issues are dropped off at the loading ramp. “Sometimes it takes until midnight before the magazines roll off the presses,” says Volker Apel, Head of Press Division and member of management at ASENDIA Germany. “Then our specialists really have to get moving and things get quite athletic.” Twice per week over 1,000 issues of the sports magazine are prepared for international dispatch to over 50 countries.

Asendia takes over the entire process:

  • Collection of the freshly-printed issues from the printers
  • Preparation for dispatch including sorting
  • Postage optimisation and
  • Global distribution as fast PRIORITY mail

KatalogversandAll activities converge at the Logistics Service Centre near Frankfurt airport: sorting, film wrapping, labelling and franking. All shipments have to be processed in the shortest amount of time so that they can set off from Germany on time on their overnight journey abroad. Pick-up vans take the magazines straight to Salzburg in Austria and Zurich in Switzerland. The magazines are already in the shops the next day waiting for the sports fans.

“We can only be successful if we are able to rely on our partners 100 per cent. A sporting goal that the publisher proves to its readers with each new issue.”

Other issues bound for more distant countries like Brazil, Chile, Guatemala, Venezuela and Indonesia are delivered straight to Frankfurt airport, from where they are sent to subscribers around the world. “The outstanding reliability of the press logistics helps ensure that our readers remain loyal to our magazine,” says the publishing manager.



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