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The texture of a mailing influences our decision
Direct Marketing » Trends, Tips & Facts | 08.07.2015

Make your direct mail memorable with texture



When designing direct mail, it can be easy to simply consider how it looks. Is the call to action big and bold enough? Are the images eye-catching and colourful? Is the headline snappy?

But you could also think about the texture of the piece.
A video by DirectMarketingIQ explores the importance of making your direct mail ‘feel good’, explaining that the texture of a DM can make or break a customer’s choice to complete the action you wish them to take.

Texture provides another dimension to direct mail, giving it a tangible presence in a recipient’s hands and reinforcing the message that the DM’s content is trying to convey. By combining more than one sense, a DM using an interesting texture has more impact on its target audience and grabs attention.

“The texture of a DM can make or break a customer’s choice to complete the action you wish them to take”

So how can you use texture in direct mail?

The stock and quality of the paper used is a simple but effective way to introduce texture and provide a lasting impression. For instance, a heavy matte paper reminds recipients of luxury, with a smooth feeling and a tangible, almost authoritative weight to it. A coarser, unrefined paper made from recycled material suggests sustainability and environmental awareness, which in turn suggests conscientiousness and looking to the future.

You can enhance the effect of the paper with a range of printing techniques, such as raised ink, embossing, and engraving, all of which add another dimension of texture and quality to a direct mail piece.

Texture is just one aspect to consider when crafting a DM;
you can watch DirectMarketingIQ’s video to find out more.