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Direct Marketing » Case Study | 20.05.2014

The customer magazine of the shining star - international mailings that get things moving


Reliability and service quality are crucial for customer relations by direct marketing. To this end, a lettershop and fulfilment service was seeking an experienced partner to take on the dispatch and distribution of customer magazines for Mercedes-Benz and that knew its way around the international arena. Regional know-how and international expertise, as offered by ASENDIA Germany for over 200 countries.

The challenge: to grow flexibly with the customer

Because in corporate publishing it is above all flexibility that counts in addition to years of experience and international expertise.

And this is particularly important to the brand featuring the star in its radiator grill, because it is constantly expanding its destinations. “Asendia initially handled our distribution in Switzerland,” says the manager of the fulfilment company. “This number has meanwhile increased to ten European countries and more are being added all the time.”


500,000 issue per year – a challenging task

This is because the car manufacturer has very high standards and complex solutions are required depending on the country, for example in France, where the mailings are signed by no fewer than 60 different regional Mercedes-Benz account managers. Following address optimisation, the cover letter has to be re-assigned to the correct recipient, because whether at international or local level, everyone is supposed to receive their own personalised issue.

To this end, ASENDIA optimises the addresses directly on the FTP server in order to be able to send a total of 14 different language versions abroad quickly and reliably. This means Asendia and the fulfilment service provider have to work flat out four to five times a year:

  • 500.000 issues
  • 14 language versions  
  • 10 countries
  • Address optimisation and returns management


The letters are printed, packed and enveloped in three-shift operation.

“In addition,” says the manager of the lettershop, “there are fliers or supplements like CDs for individual countries. The challenge here is to coordinate the process with the Mercedes-Benz marketing departments in every country.” In addition, while the presses are already running, further addresses of prospective customers, who ordered their personal magazine via the web, are added.


The lettershop needs just two weeks in total for the complex task

Everything has to go very quickly then, because Asendia hardly has any time for the dispatch and the postage optimisation. The customer magazines are therefore transported by van directly from Germany to neighbouring European
countries. Asendia processes the consignments bound for more distant destinations at its Logistics Service Centre near Frankfurt airport and ships them worldwide from here. An intelligent returns management system then helps to further optimise the addresses in order to achieve a high delivery rate in the future as well. True to our motto “The world is your address”.

Photo: Mercedes-Benz



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