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Press&Publishing » Case Study | 26.03.2014

IPE International Publishers – single source for the magazine distribution


Institutional investors and those running pension funds need to keep up with the market intelligence that has an impact on their finances. As senior executives, they don't have time to hang around for magazines that don't get delivered.

IPE (Investment and Pensions Europe) is the flagship monthly magazine title of IPE International Publishers – an independently owned company founded in July 1996. Its sister titles in Europe include IP Real Estate and Investment & Pensions Nederland.

All three are designed to service the needs of those involved in the private pensions industry, which is growing as a result of the pressures of Europe's ageing populations and the realisation that relying on state pensions systems alone is no longer viable.

With little information about undeliverables the database was at risk of becoming out of date.

But with these magazines, plus two associated yearbooks, IPE has around 200,000 items a year to distribute. And prior to 2011, it had little information about undeliverables meaning its database was at risk of becoming out of date.


Meeting the high expectations of readers

Partnering with Asendia changed that. “IPE required a consistent, reliable and fast service, with the capability to resolve any problems quickly,” says IPE managing director Piers Diacre. “Our readers are mainly very senior decision-makers who control the investable assets of nearly every major pension fund in continental Europe. We have to offer them a top-class, high quality service. Our readers do not expect to have to chase up why an IPE magazine has not arrived. We take pride in presenting the perfect finished product and getting it into the right hands.”

Covering needs with one partner

He expected the same attention of detail from Asendia, which, rather than simply offering a one-size-fits-all service, tailored a single source solution to suit IPE's needs.

This includes:


  • managing the subscriber database
  • packaging and sorting the product
  • delivering it to subscribers
  • dealing with returns

“It’s this type of service that contributes value to our business.”

“We were pleased with the consistent and rigorous returns policy operated by Asendia, which has helped us to better update our database and add new contacts. It’s this type of service that contributes value to our business,” Diacre adds.

As Ed Raynard, Asendia's head of sales, publishing sector, explains: “Rather than being a cost to the business, distribution can become a profit driver in its own right.”


Sector: Publishing
Location of company: UK