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Increase checkout rate of online shops
E-Commerce » Tips & Facts, Best Practice | 29.04.2015

A successful e-commerce checkout in 5 simple steps



Make the most of your e-commerce expansion overseas by increasing your checkout conversion rate. With 70% of e-shoppers worldwide abandoning their online orders before completion, providing an optimised checkout process is essential to reassure customers and build brand loyalty.

Here are five simple tips to help you improve your customers' checkout experience:

1. Build trust with your customers

Encourage your shoppers to buy cross-border by building trust throughout the checkout process. 22% of e-shoppers cite mention concerns about data safety as a reason for abandoning their order, therefore make sure the checkout itself is secure, provide contact information, and show country-relevant trust marks to give a good impression to potential customers.

2. Clarity about costs and delivery times is key

Being straightforward is key - be clear on total costs and be honest and realistic about delivery times. Researching a target market’s customs procedures can help you assess your costs and times carefully. Again, with 24% of e-shoppers abandoning their basket due to a lack of delivery information, providing clear information is an ideal way to drive conversions.

3. Flexible options make a difference

Did you know that 59% of shoppers abandon an online order because of a lack of available payment options? Be flexible - offering a range of payment and delivery options suitable for the market is a great way to encourage purchases and repeat custom. Create a guest checkout (which does not require the creation of an account) and offer a ‘Save for Later’ option to let your customers complete their transactions however and whenever they wish.

4. Introduce incentives like free return options

Give your customers good reasons to purchase your products. 73% of e-shoppers believe unconditional free shipping is essential and 66% would buy more if returns were free.

5. Intuitive navigation for a straightforward process

Easy and simple navigation will make your checkout process as straightforward as possible for your customers. Use clear calls to action, limit the number of clicks required, and show a progress indicator to encourage customers onward to payment.

These are just a few tips to make your customers' e-commerce experience as positive as possible.


Über David-Alexandre Krupa
Als Sales Excellence Manager für Asendia, David-Alexandre ist verantwortlich für Verkaufsschulungen aller Asendia Niederlassungen. Die letzten 16 Jahren sammelte er in diversen Post-und Logistikfirmen Erfahrung und spricht fliessend Französisch, Englisch, Spanisch, Italienisch, Schwedisch und Deutsch.