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E-Commerce » Trends, Tips & Facts | 09.09.2015

How will the European Trust Mark encourage cross-border e-commerce?



EMOTA, the European Multi-channel and Online Trade Association, has revealed its new European Trust Mark for e-commerce.

Launched on 1st July 2015, the European Trust Mark consists of ten key principles for online trading, which cover every aspect of consumer protection:


  • Proper protection of personal data

  • Clear and accurate product and seller information   

  • An overall service which is ‘convenient, reliable, safe and legally compliant’

  • Display of total landed costs and conditions

  • That these costs or charges are complete and transparent

  • Accessible order information

  • Delivery as expected

  • Delivered goods arriving in an acceptable condition

  • Proper support with unsatisfactory or attempted deliveries

  • A clear and straightforward returns process

Several principles stipulate that the consumer should be notified prior to a purchase being completed, such as clear product information and total landed costs, to ensure a smoother transaction for both the consumer and the business.

The European Trust Mark is linked to national trust mark schemes, which need to adhere to the ten principles to join this new Europe-wide network. Businesses that are part of a national scheme and comply with the Trust Mark can use the official logo on their websites, reassuring their customers of a straightforward e-commerce experience.

Věra Jourová, European Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality, has highlighted the importance of the European Trust Mark in encouraging cross-border e-commerce, as ‘currently, only 15% of European consumers buy online from other member states’. 

Find out more about the European Trust Mark here.

Asendia is a proud member of EMOTA; read our interview with its Chief Executive Susanne Czech here.

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As Sales Excellence Manager for Asendia, David-Alexandre is in charge of conducting sales training for all Asendia subsidiaries. In the 16 years in the postal industry he worked for various international mail and logistics companies. He is proficient in several languages incl. French, English, Spanish, Italian, Swedish and German.