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Press&Publishing » Best Practice, Case Study | 18.05.2015

How corporate publishing can drum up brand loyalty


All brands face the challenge of better engaging their audience, and that’s especially true of when there is so much competing for their attention. But carefully targeted content can win them over.


Deutsche Telekom, better known as T-Mobile in many markets, has created a multi-award-winning magazine to do just that.

Target: Alternative music fans.

The idea: Using music in its marketing suits Deutsche Telekom, which has the motto "Life’s for sharing". But although other mobile brands have realised the same thing, Deutsche Telekom has focused on more of a niche: electronic/techno music. This is the basis for its international music programme called Electronic Beats, which includes music festivals across Europe. The magazine, which takes the same name, is at the heart of this programme. It has been around for a while – it was launched in 2005 – but the secret of its success is its continued evolution.

The magazine: Electronic Beats focuses on music, culture, fashion, travel and lifestyle issues. It’s a quarterly publication, published by Burda Creative Group in Berlin, which prides itself on "pioneering music journalism". Content is not dominated by the brand, but the relationship Deutsche Telekom has with top musicians gives the editorial team exclusive access to them. In 2014, a German language version was launched, and augmented reality was used for the first time. The magazine is supported with an online content hub, online TV and radio, DVDs and social media.

Electronic Beats has an interesting distribution model, as free copies are available in limited music stores, all of which are deemed to be in keeping with its trendsetting ambitions. An international audience can also subscribe to the magazine via its website,

The results: Deutsche Telekom publishes 65,000 copies of the English-language version and 20,000 of the German-language version every quarter. Its longevity is a testament to its success, as is the fact that the magazine has won a slew of awards throughout its lifetime. In 2014, the awards tally for the year was at least 11, including gold at the Best of Corporate Publishing Awards.