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Direct Marketing » Tips & Facts | 10.12.2014

Hip to be square – QR codes in direct mail



Many have said that the QR code is never going to reach its potential and perhaps should be put away for good. But QR codes work well in direct mails, as long as they are used in the right ways…

A clear indication that QR codes successfully can be employed is the results from Nellymoser and the American Direct Marketing Association. When used in direct mail, the average mobile response rate was 6.4% with a QR code. In comparison, an average 4.4% responded using a regular letter without QR. Therefore, using the QR code furthers the chance of actually selling your product.

“Nothing is more disappointing than using a QR code and then end up on a webpage with no clear purpose”

Utilizing personalized QR codes

A large Danish publishing company launched a direct mail campaign, addressing both former and potential readers. Their recipients could answer the offer in the three following ways:

1.  Returning a normal subscription letter by mail
2.  Log-on to the webshop and manually enter their details
3.  Scan the personalized QR code

Since the address details were already known, the QR code linked to a subscription site with already filled out address details. This gave the user a clear call-to-action and reduced touch events – how many times you are taking an action on the website. The results – 21% subscribed through QR codes, 22% by the webshop….

The use of a personalized QR code compared to a generic one gives a successful synergy between digital and traditional marketing, which the publishing company will use in future campaigns especially considering the low costs of employing an unique QR code.

Engaging the customer

When employing QR codes, always there should be a clear plan in place and a clear purpose for the customer provided, when they use it. Nothing is more disappointing than using a QR code and then end up on a webpage with no clear purpose.

QR codes hold a fundamental advantage in the ability to combine online and offline. Consumers are increasingly spending time and resources online, yet direct mail still serves as effective marketing material.