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Direct Marketing » Trends, Best Practice | 30.10.2014

Direct mail appeals to all the senses


Bulk Cat Litter Warehouse: talk about targeting your audience. This Canadian cat litter retailer sent its mail doused in catnip, to make sure it attracted the attention of pets before their owners.

The recipients: 500 cat owners

The idea: It can be a challenge to get people to take notice of direct mail, especially when it’s for a regular, mundane purchase such as cat litter. But as direct mail appeals to all the senses, Canadian agency Rethink decided to target the pets themselves with one of their favourite smells.

The execution: Before the direct mail was printed, sheets of the card used were doused in catnip. Once the mailers had been delivered, it was down to the cats to do the rest.

The results: You just have to the campaign video on YouTube to see cats going crazy for the mailing – and bringing it to the attention of their owners in the process. More than 400,000 people have already done so, and along with blog, Facebook and Twitter mentions, online impressions have reached more than 3.6 million. This has ensured the campaign’s reach surpassed the initial 500 mailings in style. Bulk Cat Litter Warehouse has said it was “by far the most effective” mailing it has done, which succeeded in bringing in extra customers and sales.

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